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‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’

- Aristotle

New Group

'Transformative Art-Based Explorations'


A opportunity to safely explore one's inner and outer world, led by a skilled and sensitive facilitator. 

Objective: To create, connect and explore the self in a small group setting.

Be guided to develop deeper awareness and insight in a supportive environment. Invitational practices are centred around stillness, the somatic, creative play with archetypes, story telling, myth, imagination, experimentation and mindful awareness to enliven hidden or silenced creative parts of the self / soul.

No prior artistic experience required.

Max. 6 participants

Fees, Location & Dates TBC


Other Offerings

Broader & Deeper


Living Neuro believes in building community through collaboration.

We work in partnership to co-facilitate unique growth opportunities; that support you to deepen your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. This can look like but is not limited to groups, retreats and programs that incorporate sensitive, mindful, heart-centred, creative and or wilderness-based experiences for people seeking personal development, soul nourishment, healing, openness to and a greater connection with life. All enquiries are welcome. 

Corporate Wellness Workshops


Using Art and Mindfulness to Heighten a Sense of Purpose

July - August 2018

In collaboration with Dr Aaron Ghiloni, former Director of the Centre for Practical Spirituality, we are delivering tailored package for Deloitte's Wellness Strategy. These weekly 45-60 minute workshops use artistic and tactile methods to foster a rhythm of attentiveness to personal meaning. Reflecting research that indicates a link between inner purpose and vocational wellbeing, our creativity workshops offer an explorative and imaginative space for staff to mirror their inner worlds visually and symbolically. Staff from all backgrounds will be welcomed into a space free of judgment, safe enough to play, without pressure to share or analyse. 

Wonderful initiative. Well run. Thought provoking.Great facilitator. Good networking opportunity.
— Manager (Deloitte)

I can bring mindfulness to work and that will help with keeping calm and enjoying work. It requires discipline and practice. When I am stressed out my mind can’t focus well and jumps between too many tasks.
— Personal Assistant (Deloitte)
I liked that each week we used a different medium. I also thought the group sizes were perfect. Meeray and Aaron were also very encouraging and that definitely helped people who may have felt they weren’t artistic.
— Administrator (Deloitte)
I felt relaxed and renewed – almost like I could accomplish anything. It was a calming and reflective 45 minutes spent focusing on creating art rather than what was going on in my head.
— Client Service Administrator (Deloitte)

Past Group

'Creativity Relaxation Workshop'

Using Creative Imagination to Learn Mindfulness Skills

I am delighted to be partnering with the Centre for Practical Spirituality in New Farm, to deliver this workshop over 4 weeks in February. Everyone is welcome!


Past Group

'Meditative Mandala Project'

When contemplation meets collaboration, creation occurs.

July - October 2018

In partnership with The Centre for Practical Spirituality, I will be leading this unique process. The mandala gives visible expression to breath, as we move from individual meditation into mindful artistry. Emerging out of the rhythm of contemplative practice, the Meditative Mandala combines beauty and prayer, group work and poetic spontaneity. Moving from the quiet of individual meditation, we invite you into this unique space of collective creation. 

Read a participant’s perspective on taking part in this project here.