There is deep wisdom inside each of us

At Living Neuro, every client is gently guided forward

so they learn to trust and integrate the wisdom emerging from their unconscious


Living Neuro is a private practice combining

workshops, counselling, psychotherapy,

and neurofeedback brain training


Neurofeedback is a little like a workout for your brain - just like you do for your body. The science of neurofeedback has shown our level of suffering can come from the brain's propensity for allowing us to remain 'stuck'. 

Stuck in unhappiness. Stuck in trauma. Stuck in an emotional rut.


Neurofeedback works to prompt the central nervous system to tap into hidden resources and wisdom. The brain then finds ways to move past the rut towards a mental space where obstacles seem surmountable and issues can be tackled.

At Living Neuro, this highly personalised practice is supported by our founder's qualifications and experience in counselling and psychotherapy. This means neurofeedback can be done as a stand-alone training or in conjunction with therapy. 

Meet Meeray Ghaly, Living Neuro Founder

Living Neuro combines 10 years across therapeutic, creative and teaching spaces offering NeurOptimal® neurofeedback brain training, counselling and psychotherapy.

Meeray provides face-to-face services for individual adults and organisations in Brisbane along with e-counselling using video conferencing for people around Australia and internationally. 

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Neurofeedback Benefits

Though based in technology, neurofeedback is a:

  • 100% non-invasive

  • drug-free

  • brain-training (rather than treatment)

system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources.

NeurOptimal® is extremely powerful and effective. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved neurofeedback for relaxation training and the American Pediatric Academy has endorsed neurofeedback as a Level 1/Best Support for children with ADHD (2012 & 2014).

I became more and more calm. Even under a lot of stress I could find myself very peaceful. Also I could sleep deeply with a lot of dreams as never before.
— NeurOptimal User, Male, 34yrs
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