Are There Any Side Effects With NeurOptimal Neurofeedback? / by Meeray Ghaly


Image Credit SourceIvan Aivazovsky, Between the Waves, 1898

The short answer is "No".

But, just like when cleaning out your garage, it can look more chaotic before it gets organised - depending on the circumstance, things can sometimes feel messier before they get better. I am able to help clients make sense of whatever they encounter along the path.  


Half of all clients report zero side-effects.

Reported side effects are usually: feeling tired after a session, slight increase of prior symptoms, light headaches, overly relaxed, more sensitive to drugs (medication).


These effects are short lived and are never new, as in effects have been brought out and are not created.


Each "side-effect" can be thought of as the brain 'cleaning out the garage' for that symptom.

For example, "anxiousness" - first all the boxes are taken out of the garage (this brings out "anxiousness") and then whatever is still needed, is put back, and everything no longer needed, is tossed out.

As mentioned in another post, neurofeedback is bit like 'Marie Kondo' for the brain - decluttering and reorganising. 

To clear our what's unnecessary, it's about seeing what's there and sorting.  

Image Credit  : The Japan Times. 

Image Credit: The Japan Times. 

Her method is not dissimilar, Hold the anxiety,

"Hi anxiety,  wow, yes I feel you, we've journeyed a lot together, 

this doesn't really "spark joy" for me now,

so I thank you - I no longer need this sort of anxiety for the journey ahead." 












With the right support a path forward is possible.