A Family Matter: NeurOptimal® For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) by Meeray Ghaly


FAS has a profound impact on both the child and the family.

In this pilot study, A Family Matter: NeurOptimal® For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome NeurOptimal® was provided for both child & family members. Standard measures and FMRI were used to assess results.

Researches: Dr. Linda Beckett MD, Dr. Janet McCulloch MD, Founders of the Kingston Institute of Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback
In Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 


When training a teenage boy who had experienced much violence and neglect in his life I would ask him every week what difference did he notice. He would always reply none. After about 8 sessions with me asking the same question he finally looked at me and said “I’m just happier.” This was a lad who was quite angry much of the time and depressed. He also suffered from FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).
— Trainer feedback from Global Survey