Your Beautiful Brain 101 by Meeray Ghaly

See Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards' work here.

Exquisite art meets science.  


A neuroscientist and applied physicist got together to create an artistic series of images that the artists describe as

“the most fundamental self-portrait ever created.”



This 2.30mins clip explains what they created: 





Literally going inside, the pair has blown up a thin slice of the brain 22 times in a series called Self-Reflected.

How mysterious and beautiful, (the brain represented in this way reminds me so much of the eerie Dragon Trees on Socotra Island in Yemen)



An organ we are rapidly understanding better.



NeurOptimal Neurofeedback doesn't just depict the brain,

it speaks to it in it's own language,

enabling it to function optimally.



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