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NeurOptimal Named The Most Effective 'Biohack' - Find Out Why? by Meeray Ghaly

The most effective biohack I have experienced so far
— David Asprey - Founder of Bulletproof




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Visit Dave Asprey's interview of Dr. Val Brown, co-founder of NeurOptimal.

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Postcast covers  

2:25 – Dr. Val Brown’s wide experience & the creation of NeurOptimal

5:30 – The high cost and complexity of normal EEG technology

7:10 – The problem with typical EEG technology

9:00 – What is neurofeedback and why it is Dave’s most effective biohack

10:15 – The central nervous system, neurofeedback, and connectivity

11:00 – Dave’s problem with typical EEG technology

12:00 – Dr. Val’s vision for neurofeedback and NeurOptimal

14:55 – How the brain optimizes itself vs. controlling what your brain does

16:10 – Hangovers and drunkenness vs. NeurOptimal feedback

17:15 – Why negative feedback is more powerful than positive feedback

18:10 – Real life examples of negative feedback

22:00 – Dave’s initial response to NeurOptimal

22:45 – The strange abilities of musicians and cameramen

24:40 – “Therapy in the rearview mirror”

26:50 – What aspects of life are NeurOptimal most impactful?

28:10 – The answer to the teenage circadian rhythm

30:40 – How NeurOptimal has helped people with abusive relationships

31:30 – Val’s golf game and rapid improvement

32:50 – Biohacking technology and sports

35:20 – Special Ops psychophysiological abilities

37:40 – The power of mastering awareness/focus at a young age

39:50 – NeurOptimal and family

42:50 – How the brain is blind to itself

44:10 – Case study: NeurOptimal and migraines

46:00 – The NeurOptimal approach to diagnosing health problems

47:50 – How NeurOptimal takes your “game” to a whole new level

48:45 – How many sessions does it take to improve performance?

51:55 – What are the possible risks of NeurOptimal?

55:10 – Case study: Problem with EEG

57:00 – Top 3 recommendations to kick more ass in life