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All In The Mind - What Is Therapy Really Like? by Meeray Ghaly



Radio National takes a peak into mysterious world of the 'talking cure'.

If you've ever wondered what goes on in the counsellor's office, this series on BBC Radio 4 titled 'In Therapy' will shine light on the process, with renowned psychotherapist of 40 years—Susie Orbach (pictured).

In this interview, she discusses the techniques and processes of psychotherapy through dramatised sessions with with clients.

Interesting listening and demystifies what the process and purpose of psychotherapy is.  

Listen to the interview, Here

For the full BBC Series, Here

‘Maybe You Should Talk To Someone’ by Lori Gottlieb is a deeply honest and wonderful read.

A rare look through the lens of a therapist at herself and her clients. It is witty and humorous, resonating deeply with the work I have the sacred privilege of doing. And the transformative gentle power of the therapeutic relationship.

Highly recommend for anyone curious to learn more about contemporary psychotherapy, and how it can nourish our lives.


“An addictive book that’s part Oliver Sacks and part Nora Ephron. Prepare to be riveted.”

People Magazine, Book of the Week

“An irresistibly addictive tour of the human condition.”

Kirkus, starred review

“Rarely have I read a book that challenged me to see myself in an entirely new light, and was at the same time laugh-out-loud funny and utterly absorbing.”

Katie Couric

“Gottlieb is an utterly compelling narrator: funny, probing, surprising, savvy, vulnerable. She pays attention to the small stuff—the box of tissues and the Legos in the carpet—as she honors the more expansive mysteries of our wild, aching hearts.”

Leslie Jamison, New York Times bestselling author of The Empathy Exams and The Recovering