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Will Neurofeedback Training Interact With My Medications? by Meeray Ghaly



Frequently, clients are on medications when they begin Neurofeedback training. 


Of course every individual

and their brain

and circumstances are different.


With a client's permission, I would work collaboratively with their treating doctor and let them know Neurofeedback training has begun and what it entails. As a client progresses through training sessions their medication needs may shift.

Often, but not always, a client is better able to "utilise their medication" as their brain starts to function more effeciently, thus their prescribing doctor may choose to reduce or adjust their dosage.

Of course, this is why collaboration and careful monitoring is important. 

Because NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training is diagnostically agnostic, and I simply offer safe, natural, non-invasive, drug-free training (not treatment) I do not offer my client's any suggestions related to their diagnosis or treatment and allow them to consult with their doctor on how they are adjusting and growing. 

Typically, but not in every case, as the central nervous system starts to function more efficiently, people may notice less of a need for medication, but this titration down is always best to be guided by a client's treating doctor. 

You are welcome to contact me for a free confidential discussion about your needs.