What Results Could I Expect to See from NeurOptimal Neurofeedback? by Meeray Ghaly


Although we cannot promise that you will see certain results (everybody’s brain will respond differently) we can provide you with an idea what you might expect based on a Survey of Trainers across the world based on just under 3 million hours of training.


Two thirds of trainers reported that the majority of their clients (almost 60%) showed 90% or better improvement.


Most clients (over 50%) can expect highly significant (80-90%) improvement, while the other half can anticipate 60-79% improvement or less. The degree of reported efficacy would be considered in the realm of the miraculous in a traditional medical model world, confirming the high quality of training offered by NeurOptimal. In fact, NeurOptimal users frequently see changes that are considered impossible within traditional practice models.


For example the following table compares the effectiveness of NeurOptimal with Prozac for clients reporting Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and with Ritalin for Attention Deficit Disorder. Both drugs carry the risk of negative side effects that are not a concern with NeurOptimal. 

The reported efficacy in both instances is notably higher for NeurOptimal.


Copyright Zengar Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright Zengar Institute Inc. All rights reserved.


What if the training doesn't work for me?


There are some factors that can slow the brain's ability to make changes.

These include some severe or undiagnosed medical conditions, some medications, the client not wanting to train, having specific expectations, hormonal / sleep / hydration / nutrition imbalances, and hostile living situations.

Neurofeedback training does not 'fix' any problems, it simply signals the brain to let go of what could be causing them.

Although training can facilitate astounding changes, it is one aspect of our lives and other factors can help or constrain the speed and degree of changes.



Remember everyone's brain is different and this is a journey to your best self.